Keira Knightley Hot Story: "Clone Whores –- The Making Of Nightworld "

Clone Whores – The Making Of Nightworld

Starring Kate Beckinsale and Keira Knightley

By Dbud ( for feedback)

Codes: MF, cons, rape, BDSM
Disclaimer: Not real. Just a story. Don’t read if you don’t want to.

Feedback is welcome and appreciated.

Summary: A worldwide conglomerate has discovered a new technology that will change the world. It will certainly change the life of the beautiful actress Kate Beckinsale, among others.

Kate Beckinsale sat in the lobby on the 45th floor of Burke Tower. She was kicking the toe of her boot impatiently against a coffee table. She was waiting to talk to Maxwell Burke. She was lucky she could get in to see him so quickly after she had called and requested a meeting. Part of being a celebrity though was getting in to see important people.

Burke was the CEO of Burke Industries and one of the richest men in the world. His company also owed Capital Studios, a movie production company. It was because of this that Kate was here to speak to him. She was sure once she explained the situation he would remedy it. Burke Industries had many such subsidiaries. One of them, Burke Medical Technologies, had recently discovered a wondrous new technology which most of the world, including Kate Beckinsale, was unaware of. But it was one that in moments would greatly affect the life of the beautiful actress.

“He will see you now,” Kate looked up and saw the receptionist beckoning her. The tall woman looked like she could be a model instead of a receptionist. Kate assumed that Burke, like most powerful men, liked to surround him self wit Continue reading

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Keira Knightley Hot Story: "The Casting Couch"

Warning:This Is Fantasy not reality. If you can’t tell the difference don’t read this.

Rating:NC-17(Lesbian,Oral,grouping.and of course sex)
The Casting Couch
By Robbins(
Sofia Coppola sits In her office. She Is editing her latest film,and is casting her next film. It will
be a hard R film. Many would be surprised to know Sofia Is Bi,and she used the casting couch
on both Kirsten Dunst for Virgin Suicides,and Scarlett Johansson for Lost In Translation. She,and Kirsten still got together for hot sex occasionally. That Is why she casted her as
Marie- Antoinette. But,she was now looking for other starletts to have fun with.

Natalie Portman,and Keira Knightley walked Into Sofia’s office. Sofia closed the door,and locked It. She has lone
noticed how hot both of them are.

“Why don’t you two sit down on the couch,and we can get better acquainted?” Sofia says.

Natalie,and Kirsten sit as Sofia requested. Sofia sits In between them,and smiles at them. Sofia then puts one hand on
Natalie’s knee,and the other on Keira’s knee.

“You two are both very attractive” Sofia tells them.

Keira In uncomfortable with this. But,Natalie Is fine with that. She can see that Sofia Is very beautiful. Natalie has long
been fascinated by the thought of sex with another woman.

“I need you two to kiss” Sofia says. “what!” Keira says. “Your characters are Lesbian lovers. I need to know you can
do this for the film” Sofia tells her.

Natalie likes this so she leans over,and kisses Keira.

“You need more passion” Sofia says Continue reading

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